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Here is where you may learn about our upcoming sales, new products and news from around the Mold Making Systems industry. If you have questions about what you see here or need more information, please call us today at (631) 920-5079.

PINHEAD Display Stand for Christmas

Posted On: December 18, 2019

Monster Makers The Pinhead Deluxe Mask and Display Stand

Designed with tradeshows in mind, the Pinhead can be weighted with water or sand to keep your artwork standing tall, a head above the rest.

Click here to purchase:
PINHEAD Display Stand


Black Lagoon Products

Posted On: November 14, 2019

New Product Line: Black Lagoon Supply Co. from California.

These guys are fairly new but are making big impressions which the special effects community. We are carrying all their incredible products like; mask making latex, skin safe cosmetic latex, thier own Dead Set adhesive for latex and 99% alcohol. 

The ballistic gelatin (cubes and blocks / clear and flesh) is an entirely new product for us to carry. This stuff is cool with many applications - can you say realistic flesh.

Check out below for all of Black Lagoon Supply Co.'s goodies.

Black Lagoon Products


Anaerobic Adhesive

Posted On: February 06, 2018

Anaerobic Adhesive for retaining and sealing Application. We are a distributor for Cyberbond a division H.B. Fuller.

Cyberbond offers equivalents to Loctite and Permabond as an introductory off to first time buyer we will give a 10% discount on 50 gram ml bottles on the following products,   Quantity 1

Cyberbond 7222 (L222 Purple) Low strength) 1/4" diameter and smaller NSF-P1 50 grams $ 30.00 ea.

Cyberbond 7242 (L242 Blue) Medium strength) 1/4' diameter and to 3/4" NSF/ANS1-61      $ 30.00 ea.

Cyberbond 7262 (L262 Red) High Strength) 3/4" diameter and smaller NSF-P                         $ 33.00 ea..

Cyberbond 7271 (L271 Red) High Strength) 1" diameter Low Viscosity UL listed                     $   33.00 ea.

Cyberbond 7609 (609 Green) High Strength retaining compound low viscosity                        $   33.00 ea.

Cyberbond 7640 (L640 Green) High Strength retaining compound medium viscosity              $  33.00 ea.

Call to request case pricing discount.  

Orders E-mail to or call 631-920-5079 

We accept all major credit cards and PayPal.

Also available; Cyanoacrylates, UV Cured adhesive for Acrylic bonding and Methacrylates.


Set-Sil RTV 811-2

Posted On: September 08, 2017

 If you are looking for an alternative material RTVS 11, RTV 11, DC 3110 or 3114 Then you should call                                               for  a Free Sample of Set-Sil 811-2 for evaluation.

Set-Sil RTV 811-2

General Purpose Silicone Potting/ Encapsulate 

Set-Sil RTV 811-2 is a low viscosity general purpose potting, encapsulate and mold making material. Set-Sil RTV 811-2 is used as a high voltage potting compound with excellent electrical properties. Set-Sil RTV 811-2 offers excellent low and high temperature stability and can be used with deep section cure. 

Color (Base is  White and Activator is Clear)

Mixture is  White

Viscosity, cps


Specific Gravity


Mix Ratio


Pot Life @ 25oC,min


Durometer, Shore A


Tensile Strength, psi


Tensile Elongation,%




Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

25 X 10-5

Thermal Conductivity,  BTU-TU IN/( ft2)(HR)( oF)ft/(ft2)(hr)(oF)


Service temperature Range oC


Dielectric Strength, volts/mil


Dielectric Constant, 1KHz


Dissipation Factor, 1 KHz


Volume Resistivity, ohm-cm

9 X 1014

Mixing Instruction

Weigh out the required amount of Set-Sil 811-2 A and B. Mix thoroughly, scraping both the bottom and sides of the mixing container. Evacuate mixture @ 29 in Hg until all air is released to insure void-free casting. With a Deep Section Cure, the mix ratio is 100:10 by weight.  When using Primer to test to determine if material is bonding correctly.

Cure Schedule:  Full cure reached at 72oF: for 24 Hours.

Material is available in  Quarts, gallon, 5-gallon and Drums.

Call for pricing and availability. FOB: West Babylon NY 11704


Hydrocal White Gypsum Cement Sale

Posted On: August 08, 2017

Hydrocal White Gypsum Cement

50 Lb Bag 

Buy one at $32.25 Get another one at $22.25

Limited amount of inventory

and once its out....

SALE will be over

So come and get it while its still in stock...

Please call the office at 631-920-5079 for this order


Van Aken Protelina (Klean Klay Alternitive) Sale

Posted On: August 02, 2017

August Only Sale

Van Aken Protelina (Klean Klay Alternitive)

  • Sulfur Free and Odorless
  • Non Hardening
  • Non Drying
  • Works Fine With Silicone Rubbers

Sulfur-Free prototyping modeling material, designed to replace Kleen Klay and Roma Plastalina. For model making, sculpting, mold construction and work requiring non hardening clay. Unlike the materials it replaces Protolina contains NO SULFUR or SULFATES making it ideal for use with silicone type mold compound.

Protolina is available in three (3) different firmness and in two (2) colors


Gray Green

Van Aken Protelina (Klean Klay Alternitive)

 6 lbs  for $18.00 / $3.00 pp

12 lbs for $33.00 / $2.75 pp

18 lbs for $45.72 / $2.54

Please Call 631-920-5079 For This Deal!! 


Pre-Summer Sale

Posted On: June 06, 2017

Pre-Summer Sale



Silicone And Epoxy Technology is gearing up for summer by having a Pre-Summer Sale!

On any of our Pros-Aide or PTM materials .

If you spend $100 dollars you will get 5% off of your entire order

$150.00 dollars receive 10% off 

200.00 dollars receive 15% off

You must call the office  to receive this offer 631-920-5079 and ask for Andrea


Let me ask you a question

Posted On: June 02, 2017


We want to now...What is your favorite material to use, and why? 

Lets throw a twist into this question, would you be willing to try something new? What are you looking to create today. There are so many great products out there to make so many cool things.  Lets start with a material that actually floats in water! Yes you read that correct, IT FLOATS!  Is called Feather Lite, and you can make some very cool items including fishing lures.

Shawn Rutledge, an inventor of unique fishing lures, has found success, and scored some big fish with his lures. Having been an avid fisherman his entire life, his passion for creating fishing lures lead him to the Smooth-On Technical Helpline in search of materials. After considering various options from their product line, Shawn settled on Feather Lite lightweight casting resin and Smooth-Cast® 320 casting resin. He found that a combination of Feather Lite resin and Smooth Cast 320 resin provided the perfect degree of buoyancy needed for his lures. The resins were very easy to use and paint, making his design options limitless.

Shawn started his own company, designing and producing the lures in his backyard, working with Mold Max Silicone, Feather Lite lightweight resin and Smooth-Cast 320 casting resin. Since then, he has developed an entire line of lures and gained almost a cult following. 

Gallery courtesy of Smooth-On, Inc.