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AQUA-RESIN is a easy to use, opaque, non-toxic, 2-part composite resin system.

It is a water-based material that can be used in casting and molding. It's primarily used with fiberglass reinforcement.

All AQUA-RESIN coating and laminating products were developed to fill a need, not only for safer materials, but also to provide working properties and versatility not found in other materials.

All AQUA-RESIN products are designed to be easily mixed, applied, molded, adhered to, cut, tooled, sanded and feathered, finished and painted; all this while providing optimal strength for their intended uses. These uses include: prototypes and rapid prototyping, architectural elements, mannequins and figures, scenic design and film sets, repairs and restorations, sculpture, foam coated applications, tooling and back up tooling, and other 3-dimensional applications.

Procedures for using AQUA-RESIN closely parallel those of conventional resin systems; anyone familiar with common laminating, casting and molding techniques should have no difficulty adapting AQUA-RESIN to their particular applications.

It can be used in all interior as well as MOST exterior applications.

VOC Free - Sustainability Produced - Leed Applicable - EPA and OSHA Compliant 

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Most exterior and any interior aqua resin projects leave non-toxic permanent results for its users. AQUA-RESIN tends to be safer, less costly and easier to mold and fabricate with than polyester. This product has no fire hazard.

Please be sure to store at room temperature to prevent potential freezing. The Lxf Liquid AQUA-RESIN can withstand a few freeze/thaw cycles before becoming unusable, but the THX-6 and Aqua Color should be re-stirred once thawed after the first freeze to ensure the quality is maintained.

AQUA-RESIN can be colored if needed. Colors available are: red yellow, blue, black and white. Other materials may be added to alter the color and appearance. Such materials include mineral aggregates, dry pigments, colored flock and metal powders. However, acrylic paint and paint tinting colors are nor recommended when coloring Aqua resin if permanence is required.

Cured AQUA-RESIN is a fairly dense and heavy material. It is worth noting, however, that there is a correlation between the density and its strength. This allows for the product to be made more thin and still have the proper strength you are looking for, as parts can be made no more than at 1/8" of the wall thickness. At that size, the Aqua resin is actually quite light.

Silicone & Epoxy Technology NY is proud to offer the highest quality AQUA-RESIN products. As a premier silicone manufacturer across many industries, our commitment to excellent customer service allows us to provide you with the best products and materials for all your projects.

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