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GI Series

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Silicone & Epoxy Technology is proud to offer the highest quality Silicones INC products. Our dedication to elite customer service allow us to provide you with the highest quality Silicones INC products.Our knowledgeable staff brings their expertise into helping you find the most appropriate components for your projects.

We understand the importance of having the most durable and effective Silicones INC products. Our professional staff looks forward to helping you find the best components for your work and projects. Our products come in many sizes to help ensure you consistently have the correct amount of product for all your Silicones INC project needs.

Our products mold and bond securely and cleanly to many materials including steel, stainless steel, glass, plastic, aluminum and more. Our commitment to customer satisfaction helps us offer you with the best products and materials for all your projects. We look forward to helping you finish your next project. If you have any questions about our silicone products, please call one of our hospitable representatives today.