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Dragon Skin Series

Smooth-On Dragon Skin Series

High Performance Translucent Platinum Silicone

Dragon Skin™ silicones are used for a variety of applications, ranging from creating skin effects and other movie special effects to making production molds for casting a variety of materials. Due to their superior physical properties and flexibility, they are also used for medical prosthetics and cushioning applications.

Strong and Stretchable

The superior physical properties and flexibility of Dragon Skin™ 10, 20, and 30 rubbers means that cured Dragon Skin™ is very strong and very "stretchy". It will stretch many times its original size without tearing and will rebound to its original form without distortion.

Certified Skin Safe

Time Tested, Versatile Special Effects Material

Dragon Skin™ 10 and FX-Pro™ are used around the world to make spectacular skin and creature effects that are skin safe and certified by an independent laboratory.

One to One Mix Ratio

Easy To Use – Dragon Skin™ high performance platinum cure silicone rubbers can be mixed 1A:1B by volume without need for gram scales or by weight for precise measurements even at a very low mass and cure at room temperature with negligible shrinkage.

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