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AQUA-RESIN Liquid & Powder Resin System


The AQUA-RESIN L Liquid /S3 Powder Resin system.

Aqua-Resin is an easy to use, non toxic, water based, fabricating resin. This material is used in casting, molding and fiberglass reinforced laminating.

The L liquid component and S3 powder component are combined in simple proportions by weight or by volume. The generally recommended and most typical mix ratios are 1:3 by weight or 1:2 by volume. A desired  consistency can be obtained by adding less or more powder. It can hand mixed.

AQUA-RESIN's unique system is opaque or white in color and is without the usual health risks or fumes generally associated with conventional polyester, urethane or formaldehyde emitting resin systems.

Can be used for indoor or outdoor work. It has numerous uses in such diverse fields as scenic design, architecture, sculpture and product development. Additionally, the Cosplay community has found Aqua-Resin to be an ideal fabrication material.

This is a 2 part system that uses a liquid and a powder. Components are purchased separately.

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