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Rubber Glass® II For Flexible Glass & Ice Effects

Rubber GlassĀ® II For Flexible Glass & Ice Effects


Rubber Glass is an improved tin-catalyzed silicone rubber product developed specifically for special effects and display applications. Two liquids (3 Parts A + 1 Part B) are mixed together and poured into a container. The mixture cures overnight to a solid water clear rubber that can then be easily broken or crumbled into pieces that look exactly like broken glass, ice or diamonds. Vibrant colors are possible by adding SilcPig liquid color pigments.Rubber Glass II is can be used to create a variety of special effects (i.e. simulated broken glass where human contact is required) and model effects (i.e. artificial ice or water). It can also be used for electronic encapsulation applications. How is this new formula an improvement over the original Rubber Glass? 1. Rubber Glass II is clearer. 2. Rubber Glass II crumbles into pieces that more uniformly look like broken glass, ice or rough diamonds 3. Rubber Glass II is less expensive than the original formula.

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