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Innovative Polymers IPI IE-3080


Innovative Polymers IE-3080 is a rigid low viscosity polyurethane. The system is comprised of a Resin and Hardener. User friendly and low-cost. Great looking void free parts can be cast with no vacuum or pressure. Mercury free and RoHS compliant.

Casting Resin

This is the slow version of IE-3025 for large colormatched castings

It is ideal for color-matching due to its neutral semi-transparent appearance.

Low Viscosity
1:1 Mix Ratio
Mercury free

Color: Translucent
Gel Time: 8 minutes
Demold Time: 60 minutes
Full Cure: 24 hours

Shore Hardness: 70D


$140.00 /Each.
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IPI IE-3080

Formulated for hand-batch or vacuum assisted casting equipment. For best results, de-air the material prior to casting, then pressurize to 60 psi until cured. Contact your Innovative representative to find out more about custom color-matching services.
Agitate the hardener and resin before mixing to ensure that the formula is homogeneous.

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