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HX-660 Liquid Sulfur Free Mold Making Latex Rubber


HX-660 Latex is the pre-vulcanized form of HX-80.  It was designed specifically for short run polyester work.  When polyester resins are cast into natural Latex, a tackiness develops on the surface of the rubber and/or polyester cast.  This is due to free sulfur not combining with the mold.  The problem can be solved by using a pre-vulcanized Latex such as HX-660.  Pre-vulcanized molding compounds contain no free sulfur on the surface and can therefore be used for short run polyester resin casting; avoiding the necessity of an aluminum or plaster separator during the curing process.

HX-660 is also an excellent cleaning aide for architecturally significant concrete.  Simply brush on a few layers let dry, and peel. Dirt, and grime will pull away with the latex skin.

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