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Hydrocal and Ultracal 30 Gypsum Products

Hydrocal/Ultracal 30

 Hydrocal Brand White Gypsum Cement is a good multi-purpose product for people looking to upgrade from a standard plaster product to one that has a higher degree of hardness and impact resistance.  Hydrocal White Gypsum Cement is designed for solid and hollow casting and is ideal for giftware and lamp base applications.  Hydrocal White Gypsum Cement is compatible with numerous color pigments Always follow handling and use directions and safety warnings on the package

 Ultracal Brand 30 Gypsum Cement is designed for the pattern making industry as the ultimate gypsum cement tooling medium. When extreme accuracy and greater surface hardness are required (as in duplicator models), use  Ultracal 30 Gypsum Cement. It provides extremely low expansion properties, gradual set and a long period of plasticity. Ideal for splash-casting molds and models for phenolic, polyester and epoxy resins,  Ultracal 30 Gypsum Cement is water soluble – there is no need for organic solvents for cleanup.  Ultracal 30 Gypsum Cement is noncombustible. When properly used, Ultracal 30 Gypsum Cement is safe to handle and easy to work with. Always follow handling and use directions and safety warnings on the package.

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