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CAB-O-SIL M-5 fumed silica is a medium surface fumed silica which enables a significant increase in viscosity in liquid systems, free flow of powders and reinforcement of silicone and organic rubbers. All untreated fumed silicas are characterized by: • High purity • Aggregated structure • Submicron particle size • Low bulk density • Hydrophilic surface.

Application Information Rheology Control for Coatings, Adhesive and other Liquid Systems CAB-O-SIL M-5 fumed silica is widely used to provide thickening, thixotrophic (shear thinning), and anti-settling behavior in liquid systems. CAB-O-SIL M-5 fumed silica is most efficient in non-polar to medium polarity systems. For more polar systems, treated fumed silicas are more effective. This product offers an excellent balance of thickening efficiency and dispersibility. Free-flow of Powder Systems When blended into sticky and poorly flowing powder systems, CAB-O-SIL M-5 fumed silica reduces the angle of repose and improves powder flow. During storage of powder systems, CAB-O-SIL M-5 fumed silica can reduce caking and blocking. Reinforcement of Silicone and Organic Rubber CAB-O-SIL M-5 fumed silica can be used for reinforcement of silicone and organic rubbers. It imparts increases in hardness, tensile strength and elongation.

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CAB-O-SIL M5 untreated silica is a synthetic, amorphous, colloidal silicone dioxide that is generally regarded as unique in industry because of its unusual particle characteristics. CAB-O-SIL fumed silica’s extremely small particle size, its enormous surface area, its high purity, and its chain-forming tendencies set it apart in a class of its own. CAB-O-Sil fumed silica is a light, fluffy powder that is white in appearance and is used with urethane's and epoxy resin and RTV Silicone's.
Adding small amounts of CAB-O-SIL to the resin will thicken the materials to make a brush on material or trowel-able casting application.