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Innovative Polymers

Innovative Polymers now RAMPF IE-3000 Urethane Plastics, Shore D series.

Casting Resin system

Shore 45 to 85D hardness systems feature low viscosity polyurethanes that are easy to use and attain rapid green strength. Once cured, IE Series Shore D Polyurethanes simulate polypropylene and ABS thermoplastics with high tensile strength, impact strength, and flexural modulus values.  Heat deflection temperatures are as high as 230°F (110°C).  The color matchable systems are ideal for: molding amusement park models; foundry tooling; taxidermy cores; scale models; sculptures.

Our top sellers:

IE-3025 Translucent, 3min working time

IE-3080 Translucent 8min working time

IE-3030 White, 3min working time

IE-3070 White, 3min working time

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