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PC-3® Laboratory Tabletop Epoxy Adhesive


Smooth-On PC-3® Laboratory Table Top Cement is a two-component, black epoxy resin compound designed to join, bond and caulk sections of laboratory counters and tables. The epoxy resin cement is heavily filled...contains no volatile solvents...will adhere to vertical surfaces without sagging...and sets at room temperature with extremely low shrinkage.It is chemically stable and bonds strongly to natural and artificial stones, most metals, glass, wood and to thermosetting resins such as polyester, phenolic and epoxy. PC-3 is available in pint units (2.5 lbs.) or quart units (5.0 lbs.). A case of pints contains six units and a case of quarts contains 3 units.PC-3® - 1-2 hour set time

$28.50 /Each. 2.5 lbs
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