Posted On: February 06, 2018
Posted On: September 08, 2017
Posted On: August 08, 2017
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EpoxAmite 102 Medium Hardener

EpoxAmite curing 102 Medium LAMINATING EPOXY RESIN


EpoxAmite 102 Medium Epoxy Curative for EpoxAcoat Red and EpoxAcoat

Also available is 101 Fast and 103 Slow (Sold Separately)

$17.10 /Each. 0.6
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EpoxAmite 102 can be used with reinforcements such as S-Glass, E-Glass, Kevlar and Carbon fibers for lay-up applications or composite parts. EpoxAmite 102 can also be mixed with fillers such as fumed silica for gel coat applications. Urefil 3, Urefil 7 and other fillers can be added for fairing, filleting or bonding applications